On Thursday the 16th of March 2017 the chaos begins and all the students are straight to work. Many students are filming last minute videos and pictures, editing the videos, and writing articles on the day.

BBC school report day is a great way to teach students the skill and independence of writing an article about a recent and interesting story. As well as writing articles students are interviewing people involved in their story.
 For example Jess, Emily, and Becky are reporting on the Beauty and the Beast show run by Mac’s theater school where many Devizes School students played a part in. They have interviewed cast and crew members and Mr. MacFarlane too. 

Every year, students partake in the great day, learning new skills. This is a great opportunity for year 8 pupils to explore their writing abilities. Many of the people taking part say “It’s a great experience and future years to come should have the same experience and enjoyment.”
This year has been extra special as we have been able to have a call with Alison Vowels. This was live at 10:30am, Becky Libby and Matthew were interviewed about the topics they have been covering. This was live on BBC Wiltshire. They all said they enjoyed doing the interview although it was very nerve-racking. Alison Vowels started her broadcasting career with BBC Radio Bristol on the early morning slot when she joined the BBC in 1987. She exclaimed that the three students were so good that felt she may have competition!

We will all be very sad to take off our lanyards as today has been a great experience for us all. Fran quotes “I really enjoyed the editing of the video so maybe my future career could involve film editing.” The skills we have learnt today will help us in the future when we are searching for jobs and interviews.
Overall, BBC School Report day is and has been a great day for everyone including teachers and students!