Football Fun!

Interhouse is a large sporting competition in Devizes School. Years 7 to year 11 compete in Interhouse! But today we will focus on Year 8.
On Thursday the 16th March 2017, Year 8 competed in a major football competition. There were four teams, each with two sub-teams. The four teams are based on the school houses, which are: Ghandi, King, Teresa and Mandela. There are two sub-teams. A team has a mixture of abilities, to make sure that the players can compete with players of similar skill.

This terms competition is focused on football for the boys and basketball for the girls. The Interhouse games are important as it gives pupils at Devizes School a chance to take part in their favourite sports.
We have collected some quotes from different students around the school:

Edward in Year 8 said “I think it is a good chance to take part in sport”
Also, Josh commented “It is a good chance to find new sports that people enjoy.”
And Luke quoted “I love the competitive atmosphere!”
Space is not a problem! As there is a massive field to use, the space is so large in fact all matches can be played at the same time. So there is chance for everyone to play so no one is sat out in the cold!
Interhouse has been here longer than many teachers Can  remember and plays a big part in the school year and the PE Faculty (Being a sports academy and all.)