Beauty Steals the Show

 Local Production captures the hearts of audience as cast perform like stars

The cast singing Beauty and the Beast


We have a couple of interviews from a few of the members of the production including the man himself, the director of the show and two of the chief characters. We have also interviewed an audience member who was watching her sister act in the marvellous production.

The cast practicing dancing for Be Our Guest

We decided to interview and audience member, whose sister was in the play. This was her view on the production:
Did you enjoy the show?
Yeah it was really good, I was really impressed.
What was your favourite scene?
I really liked the song “Belle” Where all the townspeople got together.
Did you enjoy seeing your sister in the production?
Yeah, I thought she was quite funny actually!
Do you think the show could be better in anyway?
No I don’t think so I think it was good because it included lots of different talents.
Thank you, for taking this interview with us.


As you could tell from the interviews, the entire cast enjoyed the show and the audience member adored viewing the production too. Also found out was that Olly, Emily and Grace’s favourite part about the production was actually the rehearsals. What would your favourite thing be if you were in the production?