Reading Week

Will was the first student to work out the answer!

Every year, Devizes School LRC (Learning Resource Centre) hosts an event called Reading Week to celebrate World Book Day. It is a great opportunity for students to engage in activities that will encourage and inspire them to get reading. Reading is a fundamental part of education and can seriously affect choices in later life.

People who read are more likely to achieve better results in exams, meaning they have a wider variety of jobs and opportunities to choose from.
The theme of this year’s Reading Week was based on the recent film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Fantastic Beasts was nominated book of the year and actually won the award, which was quite convenient for the librarians running Reading Week!

On Monday, students were able to take part in a quiz all about reading. The topics were set on Roald Dahl, animals, and general knowledge. The following day, a treasure hunt was held in the LRC. The winning answer: ‘I am a muggle’. The first ten students to crack the code won some fantastic badges.


Perhaps the most exciting craft: making a wand. Every fan of the wizarding world knows how special it is to own a wand and so it is no surprise how popular this particular event was. There were lots of glittering wands all over the place; white wands, black wands, wands embellished with sparkling jewels…and LOT’S of glitter on the floor. Not so fun for the cleaners! If only there was a simple cleaning spell….

No activities were available on Thursday, as it was progress review day and nobody was at school. However, reading week would not be stopped. World Book day was celebrated across the globe and many people exchanged book tokens for a World Book Day short story. In an interview, David Walliams revealed that approximately 25% of children have never owned a book until they receive their free book. This shows how World Book Day can even change young people’s lives.
And finally Friday was here. People had the opportunity to dress up as their favourite book characters and spend the day out of uniform. The most popular costume was that of our school Librarian Mrs Lee – she really stayed true to the ‘fantastic beasts’ theme.

Then, at lunch time, lots of people engaged in the big read. Reading for a solid five minutes in the LRC was rewarded with a tasty slice of cake. The cake, in the shape of Newt Scamander’s famous magical suitcase, was made by Mrs Lee to celebrate the winning Book of the Year (which, as you probably guessed, was fantastic beasts: the screenplay).