The Army Comes to Devizes!

On the 9th of March 2016 at Devizes School there was a fantastic career day event. The day had many highlights but the crowd favourite was the army. They arrived dressed in full uniform and wanted to inform us of what we would need to do to be able to join in the future.

 Even though it was meant for year 11s and 6 formers they still told the younger years what the army is about. They had virtual reality headsets which made a plane sound, “like someone was jumping out of it and parachuting to make us feel like we were actually there” according to one student. Also they handed out booklets giving us more information into things like qualifications, jobs available and what happens on a day to day basis in the armed forces.

Some qualifications included being fit and having a good grade in GCSE PE. You would also obviously need to be disciplined and pay attention etc.

Careers week opens up opportunities and we think this is good for young people because this will show them what it’s like once you get to that age with work experience and potential future jobs.