Championship Contenders.

Devizes School has been performing well this season so far - could they go downhill from here?

The Team are now desperately wanting the title and to steal the first place spot from Sheldon. This is a big game for Devizes.

Devizes School’s under thirteens football team have been performing well so far in the three games played but Sheldon School have a solid line-up with a few talented players playing for local academies in their team. However, Devizes may still get the win tonight with many talented players who will abuse the opposition’s defence which will hopefully lead to some goals.

The starting line-up for the upcoming game will be played in a 4-4-1-1 (2) formation. Tonight will be Woody in goal with a 60% clean sheet record this season. Then at the back we have a solid defence with Dario, Liam, Jack and Josh. In mid-field we have Joe on the left, Toby and George in the middle and Tom on the right outpacing the defence and midfield. And upfront we have Flory and Will, but Will is injured this game and Toby will take his place, toby is known to score goals and humiliate defenders so we have got high hopes for Toby and Flory is known to score goals so we also have high hopes for him as well and every other player in the team.  

We interviewed some of our team players and they said “We lost our shape during the game which gave the opposition an advantage in the middle of the pitch” however the coach said “we didn’t put enough effort in towards the end of the game which the other team had space to attack an score.” two very different opinions which the team need to work on before the next game.