Into the Wardrobe!

Narnia was Mr Macfarlane’s 10th anniversary of directing a Devizes School production. With a cast of over 70 enthusiastic, determined students, the show was successful and rewarding to all those involved.

From the director himself, here is an exclusive interview on his thoughts and feelings of the production. Later on, Grace (Mrs Beaver) and Sam (Peter) told us about their experience with the show. With many praises from the audience, the very talented Becky (The White Witch) also answered some questions for us. 


News spread quickly about the upcoming shows - this led to one of the shows being completely sold out, and the other four not far off!

Of course, none of this magic would have happened without the incredible dancers (ballet and tap). Dancer and choreographer Ellie answered some questions for us. 

Why did you decide to audition? Because I did a show in year 10 and I had a good time and I thought I would experience it again by doing another show. 

What was your favourite scene? I liked the Mr Tumnus scene and the battle scene as it was exhilarating and exciting. 

What did you think when the show has not a musical? I wondered how Mr MacFarlane would pull it off but he exceeded all expectations. 

What was the best thing about Narnia? Making lots of friends especially Mr Tumnus. 

Who was your favourite character? I liked Lucy and Mr Tumnus. However, I also liked Grumpskin, as he was funny and a good actor.

What advice would give to someone wanting to start a career in the CAPA? Do not be nervous! Definitely go for it! It is so worth it!

The show took a lot of commitment and dedication from every single cast member and helper that was involved. Main parts in particular as they had many, many lines to learn.

‘Narnia was absolutely amazing! One of my favourite shows so far! Can’t wait for Beauty and the Beast.’

‘Wow! What a production! The effort from ALL involved shone through! Thank you to Devizes School for allowing our kids to shine.’