Maths Mania.

Four students from Devizes School, 2 year 8 and 2 year 9, visited Royal Wootton Bassett Academy to participate in the UKMT (UK Maths Trust) Team Maths Challenge regional finals on Wednesday 9th March 2016.

There were four rounds. The first round consisted of ten questions with six marks available per question. The questions were really difficult and the students had to think really hard. An example of a question: “In a kite, the smallest angle is five times smaller than the largest angle and one quarter of the size of the angle opposite. How big is the smallest angle?”

The second round was a cross number. The 4 students were split into two pairs and were not allowed to communicate. One pair had the down clues; the other pair had the across clues. Devizes did really well in this round, only dropping eight marks out of a possible 56.

The third round was the shuttle round. In this round, there were four questions. One pair would have the odd questions, the other would have the even questions. The answer for each question was related to the next question, so if one question was wrong, the following questions became harder. Devizes struggled on this round.

The final round was a relay round. In this round, the two pairs were split apart. One pair would run up to the front and collect a question, before running back to their desk and answering the question. Once the question was answered, the pair would run it back up to the front. If it was correct, the runner would run a new question to the other pair. If it was wrong, the runner would take it back and answer it again. If it was wrong the second time, the runner would take the new question to the other pair anyway.

Devizes came 14th out 19 teams; better than they expected. It was a very fun day, enjoyed by all four students.