Theatre Makeup For Devizes

On Friday 4th March, Naomi, a professional make-up artist at MUA, came to Devizes School to show a group of students who were interested in theatre make-up some great techniques to use for upcoming events and performances. 

At 3’o clock all the students gathered together in Studio 2 to listen to Naomi talk about her career and how it all started. Naomi started off by the smallest of the small, making tea and coffee for the staff and actors on a popular show, Big Brother. She said “You have to prepare to start from the very bottom.” Through the years she worked harder and was trusted more by the staff and started to test her make-up skills on the actors performing.

 The main reason Naomi was invited to come was because students wanted to be more confident when applying make-up for productions or performances. CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts) is also a big faculty at Devizes School. Naomi showed a demonstration to the students on how to replicate bruises on a year 7 called Emily. The students said the session was really interesting, everyone loved learning new techniques and ways to apply make-up.

Naomi visiting and sharing techniques and personal experiences truly helped the students not only learn about applying makeup but also showed the students that you have to work from the bottom to get to the top. Also, the visit opened a lot of windows for the students if they would like to become a makeup artist in theatre or any other theatre career because they can understand what sort of courses to take at college, and learn from her experience.

Overall, everyone truly enjoyed trying to replicate bruises which Naomi taught them how to do. Hopefully, Naomi will return in the future and teach the students even more techniques and skills to improve their performances at Devizes School.