Students Hit The Slopes.

 In early February of 2016, some Devizes School students went on a skiing trip in Pila which is to the north of Italy. Everyone had a fantastic time.  

 26 of the students that regularly attend school every weekday got the week off school for the trip. This school excursion has been a blinding experience for them; one of the lucky people that went was a boy called Charlie. He loved his time in Italy because skiing was an exhilarating rush. We interviewed this student and this is how it went.  

Charlie said that the trip was worth the money, and said skiing is a really good sport. He also said he loved trying all of the new foods and going to all the new places.

One of Charlie’s friends Archie actually had to go to hospital because he had sprained his wrist and couldn’t ski for the remaining two days. Archie came to the mountains with his sprained wrist. 

On the way down to Pila he said that a lot of people just sat and played on their phones and talked, but most of the time people just slept and if you needed the toilet you would have to wait until they stopped which was almost every hour. 

The students sat and ate pasta bake once they arrived at their hotel room, all of the students tried new things on this trip weather it was actually the skiing the food or something else but all of the children had a good night they would go to the local bowling alley and bowl or do karaoke and go to disco. 

When Charlie and his friends needed something they asked Alex because he could speak Italian so he asked for things like ketchup and mayonnaise. This meant they were able to ask for things and eat the meal that they wanted. 

On the fourth day of Charlie’s stay he went to the mountains and got lost. He told us that there were two exits and he took the wrong one, but he did enjoy the scenery. 

If the pupils did something idiotic they would have to wear a donkey tail. They also had other strange things, such as the ‘toys out the pram’ and the ‘banter award’, which was funny. Drama teacher Mr MacFarlane actually got toys out of the pram and had to wear a dummy and a t-shirt with a baby on it.

Charlie said ‘Overall, this is the best school trip I’ve ever been on. I wish I could go again!’ 

By Max and Charlie.