Reporting on the Report.

On Thursday 10th March every year, there is the BBC School Report in schools around the world. Year eight pupils take part in becoming BBC reporters to experience what it is like. They interview people, write news stories, and go reporting. 

 At the start of the day we rushed into the LRC, full of anticipation. We did an exercise learning how to write like a reporter. We used the five W’s and the H (who, what, where, when, why and how) about a news report in the newspaper. We were given a free pen, a lanyard, courtesy of the BBC. We then proceeded to interview our teachers and fellow students. After that we wrote our report, filmed, and edited. We began putting all of these together to make our full news report.

The day gave us a lot of opportunities and fun activities to participate in. Since this is only for year eights, chances like this only happen once in a lifetime if you’re lucky. So far, the day has been successful. We have comments from two students. “I’m enjoying this day because I think that it is a fun activity” say both students. It was a very exciting day full of fun and it was a good opportunity to improve our writing and confidence. We have also been able to develop our skills in public speaking and video editing, making today an invaluable experience.