Road Problems

Thursday 1st March saw the UK battered by the Beast from the East, so dubbed due to the storm’s temperatures that dropped to -9 in certain areas in the UK.

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Reading Week Activities

Reading week took place on the 26th February at Decvizes School. The theme for the week focused on the authers David Walliams and Terry Pratchet.

Devizes School completed a week full of activities celebrating reading. Some of the activities involved the following: the whole school read a book in the time span of one week, pupils made multimodal sheets based on the David Walliams and the book of the year was revealed.

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Snow Day Story

On Thursday 1st March, snow covered Wiltshire! Many schools and business were shut due to hazardous driving conditions and the fear that people wouldn’t get home from work or school safely. 

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School Power Cut

Devizes School in Wiltshire was forced to shut once again, just days after the school went through an emergency closure during the “Beast from the East” storm. 

The power supply stopped working and the school lost 1/3 of its electricity from the substation. The school water supply was also cut off, meaning that there was no running water for drinking, cleaning or even using the toilet!


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Arsenal - Wenger In or Out?

Arsene Wenger, manager of Arsenal, has repeatedly come under attack by fans world-wide to step down as manager of the prestigious club, after a run of bad results. 

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Wharf Theatre: Goodnight Mister Tom

Goodnight mister Tom took to the stage at the Wharf theatre in Devizes on the 9th of March 2018 and was sold out within a couple of days.

The cast had started rehearsing a week or so after Christmas and got down to business!

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BBC School Report 2018 at Devizes School

Today, 15th March 2018, year 8 students at Devizes School have been writing up their BBC school reports about various issues linked to our school and wider community.

Pupils have been preparing for a couple of weeks by interviewing teachers, pupils and the public from the wider community, recording videos, and taking photographs.

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Bristol City Football Achievement

Bristol City Football Club reached the Semi-finals on 23rd January, 2018, after spectacularly beating the mighty Manchester United in the quarter-final of the Caraboa Cup on December 20th 2017.

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Fun in the Snow 

Multiple schools and businesses across Wiltshire were closed on Thursday 1st March and Friday 2nd March due to heavy snowfall and storms in the region. Temperatures plummeted to -7°C, but with an icy windy chill. Temperatures felt like -15°C in places for example, at Roundway Hill, snow drifts even exceeded 6 foot, making roads impassable.

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Beast from the East

England was shocked as strong winds and drifting snow caused upset for many across the country. It has come as a surprise as England hasn’t had such deadly weather like this since 2013. However, the UK hasn’t experienced such low temperature drops like this since 1991, 27 years ago.

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