Setting Science Aflame!

On Thursday 16th March 2017, Local primary schools descended on the school to celebrate a science week festival. The schools are part of the White Horse Federation, these include Drove Primary School, Southbroom Infants and Zouch Academy.

The day began with the primary schools showing off their marvellous scientific experiments, Involving burglar alarms and cabbage Indicators! Students were able to explore and find out what the other schools had been up to. Certain people from the schools were managing their station and explaining to other students what was happening during their experiments. Then the science teachers from Devizes School chose the best experiments and the top 3 Schools received a prize.
Adding some mystery and suspense, the Science week also involved a murder mystery between the Year 5 pupils. They learnt how to purify water and were looking at finger prints. The mystery started long ago, on March 15th 1937. An eccentric Explorer and millionaire hosted a weekend for his friends and family. As you can expect, it ended terribly.
 Science Teachers also mastered experiments involving a LOT of fire! These happened on Monday 13th and Wednesday 15th Lunch times and they will be happening again on Friday the 17th March.

 The White Horse Federation will be joining the event we are hosting. Teachers will be there to help support the visiting Schools and will be doing some work with their students about making indicators.

Earlier, Bo and Matthew have interviewed Mrs Harrison, a teacher involved with the activities. This is what she had to say

We have also interviewed Mr Bevan, The Head Teacher of Our School, about the White Horse Federation (WHF) and what exciting opportunities the future will hold now we have joined.

6 Formers Setting Things on Fire!