Will there be more resources added over time?

Yes, work will be added over time by individual teachers so please keep looking!

If a document doesn’t load or open what do I do?

If you are on Google Chrome and having problems please try using Internet Explorer or alternatively please contact the 6th Form.

Can I redo the quiz?


How much time do I need to study?

We would expect you to be studying for at least 4hrs a day where possible.

Will I get any feedback?

The work will not be formally marked; however, the work will be used for discussions and to support you in subject lessons when you join us in September.

What support do you give?

We have a email address that can be found on our contact form (Contact the 6th Form) that you can use to get support. You can also contact the teachers who have their email address on their PowerPoints.  Another way to contact staff is to look at the 6th Form Prospectus on the Devizes School Website, where you will find the Head of Department email addresses.

Is this the only work I should be doing?

No, you should also be researching online and reading around the subjects you have chosen.  There are also lots of free online open courses i.e. Open University and Future Learn.com that you could have a look at.