Welcome to Devizes School 6th Form Bridging Work


Do you want to be more? One simple question.  Not a trick question.  If the answer is yes, then read on.

This area of the website is your one stop shop for Bridging work and has been set up specifically for those in Year 11 who are planning on joining our Sixth Form in September. Here you will find lots of resources to support your transition from Key Stage 4 to Key Stage 5.

In readiness for the next stage in your educational journey, we would like to support and prepare you for Sixth Form study overall.  To aid with good mental health and wellbeing, staying focussed and motivated is essential and to this end we have prepared some bridging work as an introduction to Sixth Form life.

The work for each subject can be found in the subject’s menu above.  If you are unsure on the options you have chosen, or if you want to change your options, please contact the Sixth Form Team on the Contact to 6th form page  Finally, if you have any general queries regarding Sixth Form, please also contact us via email.

It is really important that you use the summer to prepare well for the jump to A Level study and complete the bridging work for the options you have initially chosen; this will allow you to make the most of Year 12 so that you really can Be More by the end of it.

If you have any questions about any of the work that has been set, the contact details of the Heads of Faculty are available as a separate link.

We started with the ultimate question: do you want to be more?

If you do then we offer you that chance.  You’ll learn to expect more, you’ll get more, and you’ll be more.  It really is that simple!

The Sixth Form Team look forward to welcoming you in September.


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